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Hello, and welcome to On Time Editorial Services, where I specialize in writing community-focused articles, brochures, and other publications. My name is Leigh DeLozier, and I’m a freelance writer and editor who has helped businesses and individuals craft and share their messages since 1999.

Leigh DeLozierAs you’ll see when you explore my site, I’ve worked with a range of businesses and have tailored information for a variety of formats (newsletters, press releases, magazine and newspaper articles, brochures, and more). I had more than 10 years of “real world” experience before branching into freelance work, which brings extra value to what I offer clients.

Another advantage I offer clients is my willingness to handle any part of a project, based on the client’s needs. I’m open to working on projects whether you’re looking for someone to:

  • research information and handle a project from its beginning stages
  • collect information from you and write for the audience and format you have in mind
  • rewrite or edit something you’ve already prepared so it has special shine
  • plan and implement publicity for your business or certain product lines
  • suggest tactics and establish or maintain a social media presence for your business.

My years of experience, skills in writing for virtually any audience or format, and commitment to only the highest quality make a winning combination for each of my clients. Spend some time learning more about me and my work, and visit the Contact page if you’re interested in discussing a particular project. I look forward to hearing from you.